Austrian Casino Players Bonus Listing for Austria

As part of the European Union, Austria gambling industry is subject to the guidelines of the European Community. Of course, the country has its own decisions in hand, but at the same time they must not violate the European law.

Land-based casino situation in Austrian online gambling industry

This is a country in Western Europe with legal gambling. There are 24 cities with gambling facilities in Austria which in total have 29 legal gambling facilities available.

The types of gambling available in Austria are casinos, horseracing tracks, sports betting parlors.
The largest gambling city in Austria is Innsbruck with 3 gambling facilities, 22 tables games, 196 gaming, free online slot, and video poker machines. The largest casino in the entire country of Austria is Casino Bregenz which is located in an area with the same name. Casino Bregenz has thirty table games, seven poker tables and 295 slot machines.

Regulations on Austrian online gambling industry

The situation has not yet gone quite as in that neighboring country of Germany, but Austrian casino players are largely still in the dark. Officially, gambling in Austria can only be offered in state institutions. In addition, the operation of online casinos is in the hands of state providers and their companies.

Another downfall of this whole situation is that gambling from a state perspective is still to be forbidden by third parties. At the same time, however, the tax offices have a great interest in players' winnings. If you only play occasionally, you do not have to worry about it, because the Austrian state has no right to levying taxes on irregular income. However, our casino experience shows that professional casino players have to deal with such regulations.
As soon as the responsible financial authority assumes that the player earns profit regularly at the casino and thus finances his livelihood, a tax becomes due. For online casinos players of German online casinos, this rule is similar.
This is precisely why Austrian casino players prefer to open an account in an international virtual gambling that will offer services for their country as well.

What about the Austrian online gambling industry?

Keeping track of this well-filled market is not easy at all. Online casinos are now like sand on the sea and so you do not always find on the first glance the best offers available. In this context, of course, the online casino comparison is helpful, which allows a good overview of these different providers. The same happens with bonuses offered by these online casinos, that are entitled only for Austrian casino players.
At the same time, however, there are also a few points that are essential for a viewer's observation and transcendence:
• Seriousness
• Offer breadth and depth
• Payment Options
• Customer support
• Functions of the software/website
• Bonuses
The seriosity of the provider plays the most important role, of course. What licenses does it have? By which authorities is the offer regulated and licensed? All these questions should be taken into account for the selection, as this saves possible stress in this payment process as it's better to invest in a research for a few moments and look forward to the first payout.

Of course, the casinos' offer is also interesting, because every player wants a certain amount of variety. The favorite free online slot of today is probably not already so popular tomorrow and therefore a large selection should always be available. An Austrian online casino usually offers a big portfolio and besides the free online slot machines also other activities like roulette, video poker, blackjack and other table games. Often even live dealer games can be used, where the player can play live roulette, for example. Numerous providers also run their own mobile casino app, with which the fun can take place while on the run. The best casino in the Austrian online gambling industry is therefore often a personal decision because not every player sets his benchmark in the same place.

Bonuses valid only for Austrian casino players

Whenever the online casinos are allowing multiple countries to register and play on their virtual gambling platform, there are some differentiation made between them through special offers.
It is only normal to happen this way when the interest of that online casino operator is to promote their business into a new market or make the most of the existing ones. For example, if Austria is one of the allowed countries, but there are not many players that came from there, the online casino could think a strategy that will help them change the situation.

Usually, when the bonus is entitled just to a small category - the Austrian casino players, it will be specified in terms and conditions along with other information and details. There are special websites (here) that will help you monitor the bonuses offered for Austrian casino players only and choose the one that seems the most attractive.

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